Stepping outside of your comfort zone – how to build brand love in 2016

As we usher in the New Year, conversations quickly turn to resolutions as we consider what we could have done better in the year gone by, and how we can become better people in the year ahead. Our social media news feeds become overloaded with inspirational memes, quotes and what not signifying our intentions and pledges to purge ourselves of our bad habits and instil positive practices that make us all round better people. As 2016 begins, it would serve brands beneficially to do the same.

Much like personal resolutions, brands need to look at becoming ‘better people’, but unlike personal resolutions, they need to look specifically at adding value to their community of users. Brand love, a primary ingredient in a long and successful life so to speak, is driven by perceptions of good thanks to today’s millenials. Gone are the days social media feeds are used to solely force feed promotions and new products down our throats. We want to hear about how you can improve our lives. How can you make us better people? How can we become more effective with your help? How can we become more efficient, greener, happier even. And by us, we don’t mean just ourselves. We mean our whole community.

All too often in the world of PR we often see brands that are too afraid to add this kind of value throughout their communications. From providing commentary that might help provide valuable insights to those working in the same field for fear that they may endorse the competition, to a lack of investment in activities that provide added value to their communities due to a fear it may not immediately impact their bottom line, we too often see brands that are oblivious to the changing nature of consumers. To these brands it might be well worth considering a New Year’s resolution to ‘step outside of your comfort zone’.

And with the right communications experts, such a journey might not be such a frightful thing. So as you look to your 2016 planning, consider the following – What expertise can customers gain from my brand? How can my products help them to be better people? What can this community gain from my brand that no one else can provide? By providing real value, your brand can become an integral part of consumers lives’ that they can no longer imagine being without.

To quote Jeff Chapman, director of global brand communications, Schick & Wilkinson Sword, “You have to have faith that if you want people to like your brand, you have to do likeable things. There has to be some degree of trust that, if you’re an enjoyable brand, people will want to spend time with you.”

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