The First Ever 'Manara'

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a zeitgeist and there is no looking back. It is making itself very comfortable in the heart of innovation that Dubai has come to be. The government has also endorsed the technology with UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum recently appointing the first State Minister for AI.

Manara or المنارة , meaning shining light or a beacon, is what Dubai exemplifies. As one of the first global cities to implement smart technologies on a scale like never before, the city has demonstrated exemplary leadership, fast implementing technologies of the future, including a plan to introduce robot police and driverless air-taxies by 2030.

So it was only fitting that our first ever series of curated panel discussions was about AI. Our panel brought together Vitalii Duk, Senior Data Scientist at dubizzle; Rehan Khan, the Regional Consulting & Innovation Director for BT (British Telecom) in the MENA region; Pawel Sobczak, the Director Software Business Partners, Middle East & Africa, IBM Software; Mark Sutton, Group Editor at ITP Publishing and our very own Jared Carneson, Global Social Innovation Lead.

AI and machine learning  will play an important part in our lives and our variety of panelists were able to bring to the table different viewpoints surrounding the concept. The speakers discussed how society will evolve to accommodate this new paradigm of AI – human co-operation, and how we must work together to ensure that such progress doesn’t catch us by surprise and make large swathes of jobs redundant but instead makes our lives easier and improves productivity.

Watch key takeaways here below