Your Corporate Website in Arabic

Arabization and not translation

When it comes to translating text into Arabic, most agencies offer services in the literal sense of the word, but at FleishmanHillard, we specialize in localization, which means the transfer of meaning to Arabic language. This is done keeping in mind a precise contextual framework that fits in with the culture, customs and traditions of the region.

Your online presence in Arabic

Does your website speak the language of your customers in the region? A website is often an essential link between potential customers and companies, therefore these websites should take into account factual accuracy in addition to reflecting key messages of these companies. Because we are a company specialized in the field of communication and public relations, we advise our clients and those looking to work within the region to speak the language of the local population.

FleishmanHillard specializes in high quality localization services, enabling clear and succinct delivery of one’s message in Arabic, without any difference in meaning and essence of the original text.

Our specialists can deal with most file formats, working closely with external web designers to complete projects even in tight time frames. For example, we can Arabize web pages directly, work from the source code or even HTML or XML format files.

A true reflection of the original

It is important to consider how a visitor will be able to best use your online services and navigate through your site, given the unique demands of the Arabic language. Today’s websites are crucial in gathering insights through usage data, so that companies can gain an understanding of how to improve performance. Our specialist team can assist with all these concerns and more.

Quality is King

If your message is not clear in the original language, it would not be better off in the Arabic language, so we would work with you closely to make sure that the original content is perfectly positioned to deliver your message.

Domains and Hosting

Working with specialists, we can provide the necessary expertise regarding the domains hosting for the Arabized site, depending on the purpose of localization.

Alternative methods for localization sites

If you do not wish to translate all the text on website into Arabic, an option that some international organizations use is to embed a PDF file of specific text that users can download as they wish.

Content management

Websites with multiple languages require special care to manage content, which require constant updates. Our specialist team is able to do whatever is required to ensure that your message is up to date and to point.

To get any information and consultation regarding Arabization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.